Monday, February 22, 2010

Congratulations Zoe and Olly

This was certainly a mix – an Aussie was marrying a Pommy!

Then we found out that Olly was having a Thai kick boxing fight 2 days before the actual wedding date. We were glad he won – and the boys partied in Patong and did not come back until 6 in the morning – NOTE. The girls came back at 4 – does anyone have some pictures that they want to share? (

The girls took over the spa the next day – everyone had a special massage, cocktails were shared and they started to get ready for the next day.

The Wedding ceremony was in front of Panwa House – flowers were everywhere – hanging from the tree, Panwa House, scattered on the floor…

The music started and Zoe and dad followed the pink ladies (bridesmaids dressed in pink) out of Panwa House – beautiful.

Tears, smiles, kisses and embraces were shared and there was a lovely feeling throughout the Panwa House.  Pimms were drunk and Singha clinked – a lot of photographs were taken.

Dinner was set and the music began, spirit balloons were lit and the band from Timber Hut were there top share the special day – than the DJ shook the floor and the party began……

Then there was a trip on the Panwa Princess to Banana Island

Congratulations Olly and Zoe.


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