Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chris and Tiff

A lot of thought was put into Chris and Tiff's special day and it showed.

Chris and Tiff arrived a few days previous to their special day and we talked through a number of things regarding their special day.  I recognized instantly that Tiff was in charge as a small notebook was pulled out by Tiff - Chris has a cup of tea, I think it was my fifth coffee of the day.

Day OneA trip to Big Buddha, Wat Chalong and Nai Harn beach.
Big Buddah was fun as they all tried to make the Buddha gong on top of the hill resonate and produce a strange sound.

This was a lot of fun - try it
Tiff and Luke had a go but were unable to make a sound............ 
So Luke paid his respects when we went to Wat Chalong.

Day Two: Their special day.
Beautiful and we all had lot of fun.

Day Three: A trip into Phuket Town.
A wander through the shops and markets of Phuket Town and having a drink at Tamachad.


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