Sunday, October 17, 2010

Paul and Ann

What a very real pleasure.  Paul and Ann had visited us previously and had chosen to visit us to celebrate their wedding in the UK.

With Paul and Ann was their daughter Jo and her partner James.

Paul and Ann had a very special day - they started it with a visit to Big Buddah where they purchased some tiles to cover the walls and then they visited Wat Chalong.
How tall is this?
In the afternoon was the special event.  The monks waited for Paul to arrive and Ann waited for Paul to find her - he did - eventually. They had a blessing from the monks - visited the beach and Panwa House and had dinner at Top of the Reef.

They had a break and then Paul introduced me to Geo-Caching - Paul and Ann had a fun time searching for their bits - a wonderful idea.

Then came the trip to the Vegetarian Festival! It was raining and Paul and Ann decided to give it a miss - but Jo and James visited it!

Congratulations Paul and Ann.

More photos are coming but I have a great number of wedding photos and Vegetarian Festival photos to sort through - sorry - watch this space.

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