Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Joshua and Amy

image courtesy of ClinicKong
The Stag Party was over and the Wedding day was amongst us - Amy was getting ready in the Spa and Josh had found his thongs. We were ready...

The tide kept coming in and the tide kept coming in...
 the water even reached Amy's feet - surprising her!

Where was Amy?
Laughing and asking for a cocktail apparently...

The boys were waiting and making sure that Joshua did not turn round.

Amy walked down the Cape Panwa Hotel beach the aisle, Joshua turned and smiled - words were said, rings exchanged and kisses were given.

Then the bubbles began to be blown - lovely.

Joshua and Amy walked along the beach and returned with Nadia - the baby elephant.

A lot of fun and they loved their purple AJ special (thanks Krittaya).


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