Friday, April 23, 2010

Sam and Jo

Sam and Jo are a generous and loving couple.  They treated all their guests to a Sunset trip on the Panwa Princess the day before their Wedding Celebration on the beach.

Sam and Jo chose their vows carefully and with much thought - even spotting a spelling mistake that I made!

Sam and Jo organized bubbly in the Panwa House before their vows for their guests who had flown to Phuket in order to share their special day - I think that I will go to more weddings that I am invited to now - BUT NO stag nights in Patong thank you very much.

Sam and Jo's friends had organized a Villa and Champagne as a surprise for Sam and Jo;  to see a parade of dresses and smiles leave the villa was lovely - but whilst wearing cotton white 'pants' where can you put a camera?

After the vows were shared and rings exchanged more bubbles were proffered on the beach but this time it had added pomegranate juice. Then the beer started to flow, tunes were chosen and the barbecue started - more sharing - what more could Sam and Jo give?

Spirit balloons were lit and then fireworks were lit - a wonderful atmosphere.  We were a little lucky that the wind allowed us to light them - one of them got caught in a tree - a surprise for the Chef below!!

A lovely day for a special couple.

Happy ever after Sam and Jo

 They took the John Gray Sea Canoe trip and it was fabulous - I agree

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