Saturday, April 16, 2016

Karen and Maurice

Maurice and Karen were all prepared and family were coming from everywhere to share with them their special day. A note here - please check that you have your rings with you when you leave to come here.

A small gathering was held the evening before - a nice idea BUT this was after the stag party in Patong so 

the groom is in the playground looking after the children. Fast forward to the wedding (I believe that this was the third wedding?) and it was certainly something which was shared with all of the people who able to come to Phuket to share their special day.

The page boys and girls came first scattering flowers and the Karen came with Dad.

Words were shared, readings made, songs sung and kisses exchanged - lovely. 

Then it was time for the children to have a picnic on the grass 
(this was certainly a good idea).

Some group photographs.

The flowers were thrown

and the flowers were caught..

The cake was eaten - love the idea of a cake and bits to take off.

And of course some ones just of the bride and groom

And Instagram.

Of course the bride cleans the grooms feet when they come back...

Congratulations Karen and Maurice.

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