Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hannah and Jarrad

The day began quietly with us ensuring that everybody got what they wanted to eat and the speeches were correct - I believe that everybody arrived who indicated to Hannah that they would be.

The girls quietly retreated to their room to get ready and I am not sure where they boys went to get ready but they were ready on time and on the beach.

We all travelled to the beach on the tram and the groom waited - but it was clear that this was all going to be on time. 

An elephant waited at one end of the beach whilst we all waited at the other. As we were told to prepare ourselves we could see Hannah in the distance walking along the beach with the elephant - lovely and I do not know how many people took photographs of her whilst she came closer.

Dad walked her down the aisle and calmly passed her to me and I passed her to Jarrad. Words were then spoken and promises were shared - note the spelling was changed (sorry).

Kisses were exchanged with the bride and groom and then the elephant even joined in - what is an elephant kiss on a Wedding Day?

Photos were taken and the guests prepared themselves for a night of celebration. 

Flowers were thrown from the balcony of Panwa House and caught by a lucky lady  and more photographs were taken.

Then the garter was removed but what does it mean to the person who caught it?

Congratulations Hannah and Jarrad

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