Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kathryn and Beau

Kathryn and Beau had a world of different things that they wanted and we hope that we were able.

The things that were organised beforehand were too numerous to mention. Dresses were organised and shirts were ironed...In the morning the boys were around the pool 

and the girls were getting ready in Panwa Lodge. 

Beau and I had a beer - I had promised him and Kathryn had agreed. Around us things were being shuffled and sorted by Krittaya and her team... we were ready.

The music started an Kathryn and her entourage... NO that was not wrong 'Good Old Collingwood' came out of the speakers - much to the enjoyment of the boys - i think the ladies were a little non-plussed...

Then a new piece came on and the bridesmaids arrived followed by the bride and her father.

Words were shared and promises made.

Kisses were shared and flowers were thrown, bottles were opened and toasting began - then a baby elephant arrived... still wondering whether the elephant was for the children or the adults.

More toasting and more drinks were raised whilst the bride and her entourage took photographs on the beach.

We then took the Bride and Groom over the hill to the local village for some photographs in the sunset.

Congratulations Kathryn and Beau.

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