Saturday, December 5, 2015

Smitha and Vimal

Smitha and Vimal had previously had a Hindu wedding ceremony in Singapore - if you are interested in this please visit Instagram and type 


The day started early with the ladies getting ready and Vimal had a beer on the beach...

Well there certainly was a lot of colour on the beach and at Panwa House today.

I personally loved the petals of flowers that made a carpet for the bridesmaids to walk along.

Well we waited and... the boys arrived by a long tailed boat - a fabulous entry - a great idea.

Then is it was the time for the brides maids, alter boys and the rings to come... lovely.
Then came Smitha - the guests threw the flowers on her when she arrived - it was wonderful to be so close.

Words were spoken and then promises were shared.

It was a genuinely lovely afternoon.

More words were share and people were happy - then they partied the rest of the night...

photo courtesy of Instagram

Congratulations Smitha and Vimal.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Napapat and Grant

Napapat and Grant were organised and it was certainly a special day - they were staying in the Cape Panwa Absolute Suite.

The day was clear and the sun was bright - so we shifted 1 hour.

But the phone rang and we were told that Napapat was coming.

The man patiently waited.

Then Napapat arrived proceeded with a small girl scattering flowers - lovely. Words were shared, rings given and kisses were abundant.

The wedding was enjoyed by us all.

Napapat and Grant took their time on the beach.

The photographers took photographs of them all.

Grant put his hat back on.

Napapat got her flowers back.

Photograph - Instagram
Congratulations Napapat and Grant

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Catherine and Andry

Catherine and Andry came to us with ideas of what they would like to have and were open to ideas of what we could add.

The dress was organised, the seating was simple, the flowers were chosen and the seating was done. What was added but added so much was that I was to speak to lines in Chinese and in Indonesian. Catherine was getting ready with mum in the Spa.

The day came and the water was lapping and the choice for the pink flowers was superb - it made the setting for the special day.

The music began whilst we waited for the Catherine to arrive gracefully - and she did, being escorted by her mother.

Words and smiles were shared by everybody - I enjoyed the day.

After the ceremony they walked along the beach with each other.

They returned for photographs - spraying bubbles and cutting a cake.

Congratulations Catherine and Andry.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Erica and Jerome

Erica and Jerome had a special day today. The day started with all the girls in the Spa getting ready.

We all waited on the beach for them...

It was hotter than we had remembered - did Erica and Jerome go to the temple?

The girls arrived from Panwa house.

Promises were shared with each other - with great hilarity with everybody watching.

Words were shared and rings were exchanged and kisses were given.

Flowers were thrown and bubbles were sprayed and then drunk...

It was hot and they knew it!

Congratulations Erica and Jerome