Thursday, December 15, 2016

Stuart and Katie

Katie and Stuart had a special day at Cape Panwa Hotel and SpaHearts were put on hold and fingers crossed as we watched the clouds roll in on the morning.

BUT we went for it as the clouds rolled away. The boys gathered on the beach and waited for the Katie and her father. 

The music began and Katie arrived. Words were said and promises were made.

Then it was time for the flowers - always a time I enjoy.

Then the hugs and the kisses were shared between them all - a lovely time - thank you.

Here is a compendium of the snapshots which I took and there are also 2 images on Instagram - timinphuket.

Congratulations Katie and Stuart.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Anita and Kevin

This was certainly a special day for a lovely couple.

We were ready for the couple on the beach and of course so was the boat.

Prepared to walk down the steps in Panwa House.

Exiting carefully to the music.

And then Anita arrives

 - words were shared and promises made...

and of course a photo in front of Panwa House with everyone who came...

A tender kiss is shared on the beach - with their new boat in the background.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Kim and Matthew

Kim and Matthew were a couple who were from Australia and Kim was Thai. 

This meant that we had the family from Thailand and that is always a lot of fun. A swift drink was had at the Bamboo Bar and then it was time to move to where we had to wait for Kim.

We checked that the rings were ready - they were.

The doors were close and we were given the go ahead. 

Kim arrived with her entourage and words were shared and smiles given.

Rings were exchanged, kisses given and claps shared and flowers thrown over the bride and groom.

Time to sign and cut the cake.

Up the steps of Panwa House to open a bottle and share a glass and then time to throw the bouquet.

Then back down to join everyone.

Congratulations Kim and Matthew

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Jill and Mathew

Jill and Mathew - so what do I remember about their special day - the Promises and the fact that no one really knew what the weather was going to be like!

Jill and Mathew had a number of things organised and I had a lot of fun - gifts on the chairs.

A book to be signed.

Someone with a drone.

We waited patiently 

and then it all began.

#Instagram #timinphuket 

Up and down in Panwa House .

and then they cut the cake.

Congratulations Jill and Mathew
 - I hope you keep your promises...

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Alice and Enrico

Alice and Enrico chose to come to us at Cape Panwa Hotel because they had met Richard and Nova in Hong Kong.

Richard and Nova were one of the very first people that I was involved in their wedding - before I was taking care of the celebrant - thank you Richard and Nova.

The day started off with the boys having a little bit of fun in the plastic glasses on the tram down to the beach.

But then the flowers was put onto Enrico and it all became waiting for Alice who arrived and I must add that it was a beautiful arrival - thank you, I was happy to be part of it. Then words were spoken and friends said their words - wonderful when friends took part.

Kissing began.

Flowers were thrown.

Again and again (along with the kisses).

Then jumps were taken 

and more jumps - a lot of fun was had by all.

The cake was cut and shared - literally.

So were the drinks.

Thank you for choosing us.

Congratulations Alice and Enrico.