Sunday, March 20, 2011

Zoe and Keir

Where do I start...

The preparation was perfect - I particularly enjoyed the meeting where I discussed with a father the merits of coffee and the lack of true coffees in Asia.  To which he took out his phone and asked his friend to bring me some coffee for me from Hong Kong.

A very real pleasure - and this was before the bagpipes and the bottles of champagne were even mentioned!

Krittaya and Mum were the real heroes in this wedding - I simply helped to fill in the gaps and read the vows.

The wedding began with Dad on the beach playing his bagpipes for the arrival of Keir and mum.

Then Zoe and the ladies arrived.

Smiles shared, words spoken and tears wiped.

Keir and Zoe shared a bottle and cut the cake.

The night had some rain (and a rainbow) but this only served to be a good excuse for people to open their umbrellas - food was eaten at Panwa House, speeches were made, dances were shared.

Congratulations Zoe and Keir

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