Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tara and Phil

Tara and Phil's special day was definitely going to be something for them - from being told that the words were a little different, they had been written on the plane over and  had I seen the 'Princes Bride' before?

You had to be there to share some of the excitement and fun.

Phil arrived and then the laughter began.

As the words began (see earlier) I was afraid that the jokes may not work and wow - all of their guests knew exactly what the words meant.

A great set of words.

The words were spoken and then Tara and Phil walked to the Panwa House.

Here the flowers were thrown to every one watching - the laughter continued as the day progressed.

Congratulations Tara and Phil.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Angel and Indiana

This was going to be a Western style wedding but there was going to be a little bit of help with the translation into Chinese.

The words were written (in both languages) and it was all organised. 

Well there was some last minute playing with the computer...

The bride promised us that she would be on time...

When Angel was ready then wow - "what an entrance". The guests stood as Angel arrived with a baby elephant and I do not know how many photographs were taken of her entrance?!

The words were shared with everybody, tears were dried and smiles got wider - what a beautiful thing to be part of!

The elephant took Angel and Indiana away after the words were spoken and then the party began. 

Flowers were thrown.

The cake was cut and the drinks flowed.

Congratulations Angel and Indiana

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