Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Christine and Stephen

This was a wedding which followed quickly from Kellie and Michael - the day before. 

The location was going to be on the sand but there was going to be more.

Every wedding is different and with Christine (the bride arrived) with a baby elephant and Thai dancers...

The guests took a plethora of photographs as Christine arrived with the entourage and then - words were shared and promises made.

Afte this 'renewal of vows' Christine and Stephen invited everyone to bless them in the Thai Traditional Way - the pouring of water on the hands and the making of a blessing.

BUT this was not the end of the day - there was dinner at Panwa House, more Thai Dancing.

My favourite 'person' -'but I have forgotten his name' - was there.

There was also the 'spirit balloons' which were let go off by the couples and wishes made for the future and thoughts given to the past.

Lovely - 
Congratulations Christine and Stephen

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kellie and Michael

Kellie and Michael had a number of things that they wanted and the hardest thing was the weather!

Weathercube and Yahoo weather told us we would be okay and then the clouds exploded on the morning and we were all left wet...

Then the sun came out and it was pleasantly warm - I hoped that we were saved.

We gathered on the beach to wait for the bride and I knew that the bride was ready to go but the group was having such a good time and a drink - we were convinced by Krittaya that it was time to move - so we did.

We waited for two minutes and Kellie was there - with a baby elephant. 

The guests of the Cape Panwa Hotel seemed to all congregate and watch Kellie walk by to her friends and relatives.

Words were spoken and rings exchanged.

The flower petals were thrown and the bride and groom shared snacks on the terrace of Panwa House with them all - the sesame, sugar cashew nuts went well with the sparkling wine!

The cake was cut and was devoured by this young gentleman (to the right)!

Then time for a sunset cruise on the Panwa Princess.

Congratulations Kellie and Michael

more photographs