Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tom and Naomi

What a beautiful day.  

Tom and Naomi decided to celebrate their 25 years of marriage by having a 
Thai Wedding Ceremony at the Cape Panwa Hotel 
and then a Western blessing at Panwa House.

What can I say that is not seen in all of the photographs?

In the morning the girls were excited and mum glowed – 
the ambience was of beautiful………

The girls were in matching dresses and the boys in white linen.  The monks chanting in the Thai ceremony was (as is always) a joy to be part of.  Again the love within this family was clear to us all.

Mum and Dad disappeared after the ceremony for some more photographs whilst we waited at Panwa House for Part II.

At Panwa House we had a short renewal of vows and Tom and Naomi said a few words about what they still felt about each other – this was a truly beautiful time.

This was followed by a lunch at the Panwa House for them – a humbling morning for me.


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