Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sam and Pete

thanks to Clinic Kong for their photograph
The day started with Sam making sure that Pete did not see her and then the ceremony finished and it was completely opposite.

The weather was hot and it certainly was sunny - the boys were ready on the beach and the ladies were no where...

Mr Sunset arrived with Arissa and we all waited....

With a few toots of the horn Sam arrived with dad and we waited for the ladies...

When wall was ready Sam emerged with dad from Panwa House and the ceremony began - words, rings, kisses, photographs were posted here and smiles were exchanged.

Beautiful - the day continued with cocktails, the dancers arrived, dinner was served, happy hour was graced and then anyone who was left visited Mr Sunset.

(how many times has Arissa caught the flowers)?

Congratulations Sam and Pete


  1. A great wedding day a very special day with lovely people.


    Mr Sunset xx