Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nicola and Graham

This certainly needed team work - Graham was there and Nicola was here and they would be together in a couple of days.

Never mind we had all the setails and just need to confirmed few details and check the wine. Not being a wine drinker myself I did advise that it would be a good idea and what fun they had AND we managed to organise nearly everything.

Graham arrived and things were certainly in shape - the iPod and the music was the last element and Graham was there to confirm that this was done happily it was done. As we waited the people watching grew and grew - unfortunately we did not have the hat - next time.

We closed the doors to Panwa House and the music began - it was lovely - as Nicola came out of the building she recognised just how many people were watching.

Graham turned and saw just how beautiful Nicola was AND he told her!

Words were shared and friends spoke - rings were exchanged and kisses were given.

Laughter was abundant and jokes made about the boat in the distance (more information) and Graham was explicitly told not to put his head on the shoulder of the Best man... there is more to this than I knew...

More photographs were taken - and an Instagram post was made.
Then a facebook invited page was made where you could share your photographs.

Congratulations Nicola and Graham

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Shirley-Anne and Craig

Shirley-Anne and Craig's special day began with the iPad! Could we skype the whole wedding ceremony for the mum and dad back in the UK so that they were able to watch their daughter being married in front of Panwa House in Phuket whilst they sat at home in a kitchen supping their hot morning cup of tea.

"Yes they could"

Craig and I escaped the crowd (read family) and fled to the beach 

- meanwhile 
Shirely-Anne was doing whatever ladies do before they get married in the Hotel Spa with their mum and sister.

We waited on the beach - Skype and Singha beer at the ready.

As we waited tensions began to rise (so did the wind) and then Shirley-Anne was at Panwa House already - quickly we moved to the blessing position.

Shirley-Anne beautifully walked out of Panwa House and glided onto the red carpet which led her to the Wedding Ceremony. 

Dad left her and Craig smiled - beautiful - words and kisses were exchanged.

Then a baby elephant appeared - much to the excitement of Craig - Shirley-Anne had kept this part a complete secret from Craig.

White petals were thrown and the whole family moved to the Panwa Princess boat - a boat waiting around the corner.

Congratulations Shirley-Anne and Craig