Thursday, July 9, 2015

Andrea and Phil

Andrea and Phil's special day started of with them having separate rooms and then avoiding each other (just).

Andrea got ready in the Cape Spa - with the rest of the girls and I don't know where the boys were - Russell's Sunset Bar wasn't open!

The wedding was set and it rained... Then it stopped - there was a break it was time to go.

The Ngatu from Tonga (I think that it was in the style?) was ready...

We were ready and waiting... Camera's and cell phones were put away because Andrea and Phil wanted people to watch the ceremony and listen to the words which were shared. Here is the site of the Phuket Photography - they were taking the photographs.

The guests were seated and Andrea and the entourage began to walk through the doors - wonderful.

The ceremony was special and there were two ruby quartz stones which they threw into the sea and the words were.

"I give this to you so as your first act together as a married couple you can throw them into the ocean.

In doing this you will be demonstrating your faith in your connection to each other

-       knowing that when you throw your stone that they will not land near each other

-       that the tides and time may move the stone from one end of the beach to another

-       but forever those stones will remain in that place where the earth and the water meet."

After the ceremony they signed the paperwork. Then the bride threw her flowers and drank some bubbly.

Photographs were taken

 and then Bridal Party went to the beach.

Then it began to rain... but it was beautiful

Congratulations Andrea and Phil


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