Sunday, November 24, 2013

Emily and Justin

Breathes were held, fingers were crossed and blessing asked for - after the 4 days of rain and the crashing waves and wind yesterday morning it was still not clear what the weather was going to be like!

Even I was a little worried - but I could not tell them - we had a second plan...

The weather was not good in the morning and then IT STOPPED. Emily went to get ready in the Spa and the boys in the room. The water was calm and the sun began to shrine.  Justin was calm but I think that Emily was calmer and then Emily was on time! - something which she is not renown for!

We set up and waited... It was then that I realised that I was nervous and the grass was muddy - this was not good.

Chatting with Justin and the boys made me realise that I was not the most nervous! I had not taken any photographs though - never mind there was no rain and it looked like there was none coming.

The music started and Emily made her entrance - and what  a walk with her father - fantastic. The words were read and Emily and Justin began their vows, which Justin had tweaked just a little bit and I found the whole thing quite amusing -"partner in crime" was a comment which I had never read before but I might just use it again.

Rings were exchanged and kisses given - lovely. We moved to the beach and I remembered to take a photograph.

The bride and groom had some photographs of themselves on the beach and then they moved to the Sunset at Cape Panwa Promenade - lovely again. The locals all enjoyed it as well.

They all returned to have dinner at Top of the Reef.

Congratulations Emily and Justin


  1. Since we arrived home we are still talking about Emily and Justins wedding, it was exceptional. Thanks again Cape Panwa for being such great hosts.