Thursday, September 8, 2011

Misa and Lee

Where do I start?

Well I met Misa and the ‘girls’ in Russell’s Sunset Bar at the bottom of the road and they had had a few drinks when I was going home…..

Where were the boys? There was the Stag Party in Patong, which is where a Stag Party could take place!

After a number of nights partying and getting the clothes ready well Misa’s wedding dress was already pressed and ready, the day was getting closer…

Lee and Misa were calm and collected and clearly this was well organized, thanks to you and Krittaya. I spoke to Misa regarding the words that I was going to share with them and we ended up telling each other stories – none that can be repeated on paper BUT I will make a list one day….

The morning arrived and it was RAINING! Well after a few swift coffees I could calmly tell Lee and Misa that it was going to stop – it did!

Lee was taken care of by the best man and we waited for Misa to arrive – I enjoyed that bit….  Misa arrived with smiles and happiness and music – wonderful… BUT Lee did have a few tears of happiness….

Lee and Misa exchanged their vows, their smiles, their kisses and their love for one another – orchid petals and rice was thrown and Lee and Misa drifted onto the beach to have some private photographs – very nice too.

more jetty photographs

Lee and Misa returned to the cake and throwing the flowers – 
what happens to the girl who catches the flowers Russell?

Dinner was taken at Panwa House.

Then they all 'decamped to Russell's Sunset Bar and there was more partying, fireworks, more drinking, more partying, fireworks, more drinking and Chinese Lanterns…

Congratulations Misa and Lee

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