Sunday, November 24, 2013

Emily and Justin

Breathes were held, fingers were crossed and blessing asked for - after the 4 days of rain and the crashing waves and wind yesterday morning it was still not clear what the weather was going to be like!

Even I was a little worried - but I could not tell them - we had a second plan...

The weather was not good in the morning and then IT STOPPED. Emily went to get ready in the Spa and the boys in the room. The water was calm and the sun began to shrine.  Justin was calm but I think that Emily was calmer and then Emily was on time! - something which she is not renown for!

We set up and waited... It was then that I realised that I was nervous and the grass was muddy - this was not good.

Chatting with Justin and the boys made me realise that I was not the most nervous! I had not taken any photographs though - never mind there was no rain and it looked like there was none coming.

The music started and Emily made her entrance - and what  a walk with her father - fantastic. The words were read and Emily and Justin began their vows, which Justin had tweaked just a little bit and I found the whole thing quite amusing -"partner in crime" was a comment which I had never read before but I might just use it again.

Rings were exchanged and kisses given - lovely. We moved to the beach and I remembered to take a photograph.

The bride and groom had some photographs of themselves on the beach and then they moved to the Sunset at Cape Panwa Promenade - lovely again. The locals all enjoyed it as well.

They all returned to have dinner at Top of the Reef.

Congratulations Emily and Justin

Monday, September 2, 2013

Ae and Darren

This was a Traditional Thai Wedding so I was not as intimately involved as usual!

This meant that when Darren needed his cigarettes I could find them for it - see I was still important! Then it was time to decide how I was going to record this special event? I tried a video - mainly because I wanted to capture Varoons cry for the last days of freedom (that's what the boys told me! - the girls told me that it meant something else) but I digress.

So the team go off with the family to pick up Darren - wonderful atmosphere.

On returning with Darren it was clear that the chaos was not really chaos and Darren knew that I knew what was going on but had decided to to explain too much.

Darren had his shoes polished and passed through the gates (obviously giving tips as he went) and then was off to find Ae - Assaree never really helps but it is always fun watching the Groom being misled!

The ceremony with the monks passed simply and peacefully - in fact their little boy chose to sleep all the way through!

Coffee was given to the monks - blessings were shared within the families and drinks were poured. Next is a dinner at Panwa House...

Congratulations Ae and Darren

Friday, July 12, 2013

Margaret and Thomas

What an adventure!

The day started with Margaret waking early and worrying whether her dress would fit - it did! Then they both had a spa and that was where they were divided.

Thomas left to be taken care of by John and Margaret was taken care of by Margaret.

The boys strolled onto the beach and settled themselves next to a fan - with a beer and a banana daiquiri! I joined them with a beer and espresso and we waited for the arrival...

Photos were taken by timinphuket and loaded on my Instagram - but the battery ran out.

As we prepared ourselves Thomas was surprised but also very happy that Margaret sailed past in a long tailed fisherman's boat. A wonderful surprise.

The music played as Margaret walked along the beach - a wonderful setting

Their chosen words were shared and the atmosphere was wonderful - in fact I could have had a few more glasses in such wonderful company - thank you for choosing Cape Panwa to share your special words.

Rings exchanged, kisses given, a drink shared and a cake cut.

Dreams are dreamt and wishes made and for Margaret and Thomas we did just that.

Congratulations Margaret and Thomas

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Jane and John

I was lucky to be invited to read for this Wedding Ceremony because it took place in Khao Lak. Followers of my Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare would have I was there.

What a beautiful stretch of beach at Kantary Beach Khao Lak it is!!!

Jane and John wanted a quiet and simple wedding and the set up was beautiful - I don't know who was more nervous me or them. But I was glad that we did not lose the ring that we dropped in the sand MUST remember to be careful next time.

The words were shared with the family and friends which were there with them - there were twice as many watching as they had expected!

Dinner was set up carefully on the beach and photos taken - beautiful.

Congratulations Jane and John

My thanks must be extended to Khun Ruk and Darren for organising it and taking care of the guests.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Lorna and Raymond

The Wedding experience needed to be something that was not expected - so it was arranged on the Panwa Princess.

Lorna and Raymod took time to choose the words which best suited them - choosing the words is also a pleasure to be part of.

We boarded the boat and we all waited for Lorna - who arrived walking gracefully along the jetty. We stood at the front of the boat and we said our blessings.

Glasses were raised and gifts were exchanged. Cocktails were sipped and nibbles were shared. The Panwa Princess cruised around the bay and slowly returned to Cape Panwa.

Dinner was served on the beach for the party and the Thai dancers performed.

Congratulations Lorna and Raymond

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Zoe and Greeny

Well how many parties did they have before this began? They certainly were a lively bunch pf people but the love that they had foe Zoe and Callum was certainly shown as they prepared for the ceremony and after it.

So much love was shown that I believe that there were a couple of bottle of champagne charged to their room but that is all another story.

The words were chosen and written - they really did make the ceremony more special, Callum surprised us all with the beauty of his words or was this the lunch time Pina Coladas?

Special is enough to describe the afternoon. After the rings were swapped, champagne was drunk, drinks and nibbles were shared and then there was the arrival of an elephant.

Who the elephant was for - the children or the adults I am not sure but it was a real hit - well done Callum - was this the only decision you took regarding the day?

Photographs were taken and everybody readied themselves for the rest of the night...

What a beautiful day - thank you for sharing it with us here at Cape Panwa Hotel.

Congratulations Zoe and Greeny

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Anna and Tim

Tim was kicked out of his room the night before their special day - I don't think that I can recall seeing Anna before she walked out of Panwa House to the sound of Newton Faulkner.

I don't think that Tim or Anna thought that there would be so many other people watching from afar!

Tim was as excited as Anna - the words were special so special that Tim and Anna added their own words which made it even more special.

What a special wedding that was. The best man was so organised that he had tissues in his pocket - great stuff.

The flowers were thrown and then the drinks began to flow and the pictures were taken.

Congratulations Anna and Tim.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lucho and Pateo

This was certainly a different wedding for me - they were Italian and they simply wanted to have a wedding celebrations!


There were photographs, words, cake and smiles.

Congratulations Lucho and Pateo