Sunday, February 19, 2017

Scarlett and Ryan

Scarlett and Ryan chose to have their special day with us at Cape Panwa Hotel and Spa.

Much of it was worked out before they arrived and we just had some polishing to do when there were both there.

Ryan and Scarlett were from the UK but Scarlett's family were all from Asia so I quickly had to learn some words.

Well the words were shared and so were the rings - we had a small interval when we waited for the correct ring to be removed from one finger and placed on another.

We had a few kisses and then the paper was signed.

Then petals were thrown as the newlyweds walked from the place of wedding on the beach to have dinner at Panwa House.

Then photographs were taken.

Congratulations Scarlett and Ryan.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Cheryl and Paul

Paul arrived after a swift beer at the Bamboo Bar.

Then we proceeded to where the wedding was waiting for us - but we were a little worried about the rain - which never happened...

It was as the sun came down behind Panwa House.

Cheryl arrived and my telephone was swiftly put in my pocket - words which shared and promises are made to each other.

Thank you for choosing Cape Panwa Hotel and Spa for your special day.