Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lisa and Josh

Lisa was taken by her friends and preparations were made - Josh was somewhere with the boys.

As we prepared ourselves on the beach we watched the Panwa House become resplendent in decorations. We were ready and were told that Lisa was on the way so I told everybody to be move to their chairs for Lisa's arrival.

And arrive she did - but first the bridesmaids arrived and were greeted by their loved ones or petals were scattered. Then Lisa arrived with Peter, Peter dutifully gave Lisa's hand to Josh - then the rings were passed around whilst blessings were made, after this words were shared and promises made.

Lisa and Josh were man and wife - and the elephant arrived (thanks boys).

Hands were shaken and kisses shared - a lovely group.

Pavinee whisked Lisa and Josh away to the Jetty.

Where more kisses were shared.

Congratulations Lisa and Josh.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Whitney and Adam

images courtesy of Clinic Kong

The day started with Adam and the boys escaping to go Go-Karting and Shooting, Whitney had her pampering session and hair done.

As the time got closer the guests got more questioning - where was Adam...

Whitney was having fun in her room with the girls and getting dressed but Adam?

Adam and the boys were on the jetty waiting for a local fisherman to bring them to the ceremony, Adam did nearly fall in but Dad was going to give him his clothes if he got wet...

Whitney arrived with an elephant!(no that is Dad)

Dad brought Whitney along the beach - with a number of guests watching....

Adam smile was infections and Whitney smiled back - wonderful.

Whitney and Adam had their blessing amid laughter and smiles - the love that they shared was mirrored in the smiles and the tears of their guests.

Lovely to be a part of - thank you for choosing us.

Congratulations Adam and Whitney.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Karen and Dash

This special day followed two days after a special day in Khao Lak.

Karen and Dash were on holiday in Phuket and they had decided to get quietly married in Phuket without their children and their family - it was just going to be too much.

So we organised a very small but special ceremony - just Karen, Dash, Pavinee and Tim.

With a ceremony like this Tim and Dash started off in a very relaxed manner with a beer at the Beach Bar on Cape Panwa Hotel beach.

After the beers we moved to the end of the beach and waited patiently for 
Karen to arrive.

When Karen did arrive words were shared, kisses were given and promises made.

After this Karen and Dash had some photographs taken on the beach and at the end of the jetty and they returned to the Beach Bar to sign their certificate.

Congratulations Karen and Dash

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Joshua and Amy

image courtesy of ClinicKong
The Stag Party was over and the Wedding day was amongst us - Amy was getting ready in the Spa and Josh had found his thongs. We were ready...

The tide kept coming in and the tide kept coming in...
 the water even reached Amy's feet - surprising her!

Where was Amy?
Laughing and asking for a cocktail apparently...

The boys were waiting and making sure that Joshua did not turn round.

Amy walked down the Cape Panwa Hotel beach the aisle, Joshua turned and smiled - words were said, rings exchanged and kisses were given.

Then the bubbles began to be blown - lovely.

Joshua and Amy walked along the beach and returned with Nadia - the baby elephant.

A lot of fun and they loved their purple AJ special (thanks Krittaya).


Monday, October 22, 2012

Joshua and Amy (The Stag Night)

The ladies were all issued with T.Shirts - correctly marked with their names - so they don't forget their names and go back to the wrong room?

The bar crawl from Cape Panwa Hotel started at Uncle John's Bar and Coffee Shop (no coffee was drunk though) and the group slowly made their way up to the peak of the hill.

More drinks were taken there at the new bar and then the hill down was carefully followed. 

At the bottom the group stopped off at Russell's Sunset Bar where they had a few more.

After this stop they followed the road to the 'Little Place' where they seemed to relax a little.

The group then chose to release some Spirit balloons from the promenade at Laem Panwa 
- beautiful - thanks Russell.

The group all returned to the Sunset Bar - looking a little worse for wear and a little bit scary -

Now Amy is at the Cape Spa and Joshua wants some thongs...

Friday, September 14, 2012

Michelle and Jeremy

all images from phuket photographer
Hearts were stopped and breaths were taken - it was sunny.

After two days of virtually torrential rain it was a beautiful day.

Michelle was ready (because it was sunny) and so were we....

Michelle arrived whilst Jeremy patiently waited and only turning round when Michelle reached the red carpet.  Smiles were shared and immediately you felt special being witness to the coming together of Michelle and Jeremy.

Words were spoken, rings were exchanged, photos taken and kisses given - again and again.

The beach was walked and then the jetty visited a beautiful day for two special people who have chosen to be together.

Congratulations Michelle and Jeremy.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kate and Ryan

photographs courtesy of Clinic Kong
The week began with organisation of ideas and a meeting of minds. 
This ended with agreements and the day was set.

Then it rained and rained and rained.

The actual wedding day was beautiful – the sun shined, dresses were unwrapped, 
words were exchanged and kisses were shared.

Ryan waited patiently with his friends and family. Dad arrived with Kate, bridesmaids and Maddie – the flower girl – scattering flowers on the red carpet.

Wonderful – photos were taken and nibbles were shared…

Congratulations Kate and Ryan.

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sam and Pete

thanks to Clinic Kong for their photograph
The day started with Sam making sure that Pete did not see her and then the ceremony finished and it was completely opposite.

The weather was hot and it certainly was sunny - the boys were ready on the beach and the ladies were no where...

Mr Sunset arrived with Arissa and we all waited....

With a few toots of the horn Sam arrived with dad and we waited for the ladies...

When wall was ready Sam emerged with dad from Panwa House and the ceremony began - words, rings, kisses, photographs were posted here and smiles were exchanged.

Beautiful - the day continued with cocktails, the dancers arrived, dinner was served, happy hour was graced and then anyone who was left visited Mr Sunset.

(how many times has Arissa caught the flowers)?

Congratulations Sam and Pete