Saturday, December 20, 2014

Melanie and Nathan

Melanie and Nathan were certainly going to have fun on their special day!

Fun was what they had and it was lovely to be part of that.

The setting up was managed carefully by the team from Cape Panwa Hotel and all those little bits made a difference.

The boys turned up first all immaculately turned out an we were wondering in what order that the should stand... 

and i thought of asking the photographer but then one of the boys swiftly put that they should be a mirror for the girls...

Then the music started...

The ladies began to walk in - starting with this little one.

Words were shared and promises made. What made this a little bit more special was the words that their friends shared.

Then the promises that they made to each other and i think that these will be kept.

Orchids petals were thrown, drinks drunk and smiles shared...

Congratulations Melanie and Nathan.

here are Instagram pics #capepanwawedding 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Risa and Damien

Risa and Damien were a couple who wanted to manage their own special day so this time I was in charge of pressing the buttons with the appropriate pieces of music - wonderful.

Peace reigned whilst the father brought Risa to the ceremony - they were met by two little girls carrying their flower baskets.

Words were shared.

Petals were thrown over the couple as they left the ceremony.

here's the Instagram pic
Congratulations Risa and Damien.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ling Ling and Jessy

Ling Ling and Jessy knew what they wanted - and it was organised when they arrived.

We were prepared - a little windy whilst we waited and then there was a spot of rain which swiftly disappeared, much to the happiness of our guests and me.

Petals were scattered in the wind before the bride arrived.

Words were shared and promises made - we did do half of it in Cantonese - wonderful.

Smiles were shared, hands clapped' flower petals thrown, the cake was cut and glasses were raised.

Congratulations Ling Ling and Jessy

Monday, December 1, 2014

Anne-Lise and Fred

Anne-Lise and Fred was certainly going to be an interesting wedding with all that the ideas that I heard about when they first visited us - and I was right. So how did it start... working out how Windows Live Media Player (.wlmp)can be played by any other application? Then a flag?

This was going to be a lot of fun!

Shoes were discarded...

Where's the Groom our attention was taken to a Long Tailed Boat in the distance and then 007 music began and there was Fred with his Best Men and waving the Thai flag - fabulous!

I practiced my French continually - getting it wrong on the day - Sorry Anne-Lise and Fred. So we are on the beach and at the cry of "Oo A le Mariet"

Then Anne-Lise arrived with Dad and a parade of Thai dancers - fabulous.

Words were shared with families and friends...

sand was poured and rings exchanged.

Fabulous, every step of the day, enjoy the rest of the night.

Congratulations Anne-Lise and Fred

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kathryn and Beau

Kathryn and Beau had a world of different things that they wanted and we hope that we were able.

The things that were organised beforehand were too numerous to mention. Dresses were organised and shirts were ironed...In the morning the boys were around the pool 

and the girls were getting ready in Panwa Lodge. 

Beau and I had a beer - I had promised him and Kathryn had agreed. Around us things were being shuffled and sorted by Krittaya and her team... we were ready.

The music started an Kathryn and her entourage... NO that was not wrong 'Good Old Collingwood' came out of the speakers - much to the enjoyment of the boys - i think the ladies were a little non-plussed...

Then a new piece came on and the bridesmaids arrived followed by the bride and her father.

Words were shared and promises made.

Kisses were shared and flowers were thrown, bottles were opened and toasting began - then a baby elephant arrived... still wondering whether the elephant was for the children or the adults.

More toasting and more drinks were raised whilst the bride and her entourage took photographs on the beach.

We then took the Bride and Groom over the hill to the local village for some photographs in the sunset.

Congratulations Kathryn and Beau.