Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Victoria and Raymond

I cannot say much more about Victoria and Raymond which is not illustrated in the picture above. The Thai ceremony passed simply and with grace...

A couple who clearly work well together - beautiful.

Congratulations Victoria and Raymond

Monday, November 28, 2011

Laura and Richard

The sun was bright and the beers were shared to the Richard and his friend whilst they waited for Laura...

The Panwa House was a beautiful setting whilst they were waiting...

(Ed - next time take the cold beers from the back Tim)

Richard looked splendid in his suit and his friends arrived in billabongs and flip-flops 
NOT the women....

More beers were shared and the sweating began... but very swiftly notice was given that the bride was arriving... Their family and friends moved slowly to the beach to wait patiently whilst Laura breezed down the beach.

Laura and Richard's vows were shared whilst their friends and family smiled.

Congratulations Laura and Richard

Friday, October 28, 2011

Katrina and James

What a beautiful experience and what a lovely couple with two young boys.

I hope that I am not invading Katrina and James' privacy but they had been together for 14 years and one of their children wanted everybody to have the same name 
- so Katrina and James did.

Katrina had clearly put a lot of thought into what she was going to wear 
- with a beautiful and fitting wedding dress.  

James meanwhile had his flipflops on... It was a beautiful occasion and ceremony vows were spoken and James did not turn round.

Katrina and James exchanged their vows, ate the cakes and drank the bubbles.  Dinner was served for them in front of Panwa House, a spirit balloon was let go and the first dance was on the balcony.

Congratulations Katrina and James

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Misa and Lee

Where do I start?

Well I met Misa and the ‘girls’ in Russell’s Sunset Bar at the bottom of the road and they had had a few drinks when I was going home…..

Where were the boys? There was the Stag Party in Patong, which is where a Stag Party could take place!

After a number of nights partying and getting the clothes ready well Misa’s wedding dress was already pressed and ready, the day was getting closer…

Lee and Misa were calm and collected and clearly this was well organized, thanks to you and Krittaya. I spoke to Misa regarding the words that I was going to share with them and we ended up telling each other stories – none that can be repeated on paper BUT I will make a list one day….

The morning arrived and it was RAINING! Well after a few swift coffees I could calmly tell Lee and Misa that it was going to stop – it did!

Lee was taken care of by the best man and we waited for Misa to arrive – I enjoyed that bit….  Misa arrived with smiles and happiness and music – wonderful… BUT Lee did have a few tears of happiness….

Lee and Misa exchanged their vows, their smiles, their kisses and their love for one another – orchid petals and rice was thrown and Lee and Misa drifted onto the beach to have some private photographs – very nice too.

more jetty photographs

Lee and Misa returned to the cake and throwing the flowers – 
what happens to the girl who catches the flowers Russell?

Dinner was taken at Panwa House.

Then they all 'decamped to Russell's Sunset Bar and there was more partying, fireworks, more drinking, more partying, fireworks, more drinking and Chinese Lanterns…

Congratulations Misa and Lee

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Daranporn and Arlid

What a wonderful occasion and we all knew the lady who was getting married because she had worked at Cape Panwa Hotel previously.

The afternoon started with bright sunshine and everyone being ready for the ceremony with a glass of wine whilst we waited for the bride and her party.

They had another drink whilst we waited for the bride to arrive.  

Daranporn's bridesmaids arrived followed by a carefully dressed Daranporn.

Words were shared and blessings made.

Musicians played a favourite track - kisses were shared and smiles were abundant...

Flowers were thrown and the cake was cut.

Photographs were taken and then food was served - as dinner drew to a close 'spirit ballons' were lit and the first dance was shared at Panwa House.

Congratulations Daranporn and Arlid

more photographs

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Natalie and Simon

The excitement was clearly evident  - from the staff as well!

Natalie and Simon had it all organized (well mum and dad did helped an awful amount).

The afternoon started with the boys in their kilts - much amusement from the staff at this one arriving on the beach with their beers.  The rest of the party arrived and we were ready to begin.

We got the call from Krittaya that Natalie was ready to walk the length of the beach with her father and her bridesmaids - a beautiful picture. The guest stood back and all watched Natalie walk by.

Dad walked up the aisle on the beach and 'gave Natalie away' whilst Simon waited patiently.

Vows were spoken, rings put on fingers and kisses exchanged. Sighs of relieve were shared and the party retired to Panwa House, opened a bottle and cut the cake. Cocktails were served and then there was a Thai traditional dance show.

A Thai dinner was then served to them all on the ground balcony of Panwa House.  The night was still so the spirit balloons could be lit and let go from the beach.

As the balloons drifted away Natalie and Simon returned to Panwa House where they shared the first dance....

Then it was time for Happy Hour at The Lighthouse.

Congratulations Natalie and Simon

67 photographs
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Zoe and Keir

Where do I start...

The preparation was perfect - I particularly enjoyed the meeting where I discussed with a father the merits of coffee and the lack of true coffees in Asia.  To which he took out his phone and asked his friend to bring me some coffee for me from Hong Kong.

A very real pleasure - and this was before the bagpipes and the bottles of champagne were even mentioned!

Krittaya and Mum were the real heroes in this wedding - I simply helped to fill in the gaps and read the vows.

The wedding began with Dad on the beach playing his bagpipes for the arrival of Keir and mum.

Then Zoe and the ladies arrived.

Smiles shared, words spoken and tears wiped.

Keir and Zoe shared a bottle and cut the cake.

The night had some rain (and a rainbow) but this only served to be a good excuse for people to open their umbrellas - food was eaten at Panwa House, speeches were made, dances were shared.

Congratulations Zoe and Keir

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