Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Alice and Enrico

Alice and Enrico chose to come to us at Cape Panwa Hotel because they had met Richard and Nova in Hong Kong.

Richard and Nova were one of the very first people that I was involved in their wedding - before I was taking care of the celebrant - thank you Richard and Nova.

The day started off with the boys having a little bit of fun in the plastic glasses on the tram down to the beach.

But then the flowers was put onto Enrico and it all became waiting for Alice who arrived and I must add that it was a beautiful arrival - thank you, I was happy to be part of it. Then words were spoken and friends said their words - wonderful when friends took part.

Kissing began.

Flowers were thrown.

Again and again (along with the kisses).

Then jumps were taken 

and more jumps - a lot of fun was had by all.

The cake was cut and shared - literally.

So were the drinks.

Thank you for choosing us.

Congratulations Alice and Enrico.


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