Monday, December 1, 2014

Anne-Lise and Fred

Anne-Lise and Fred was certainly going to be an interesting wedding with all that the ideas that I heard about when they first visited us - and I was right. So how did it start... working out how Windows Live Media Player (.wlmp)can be played by any other application? Then a flag?

This was going to be a lot of fun!

Shoes were discarded...

Where's the Groom our attention was taken to a Long Tailed Boat in the distance and then 007 music began and there was Fred with his Best Men and waving the Thai flag - fabulous!

I practiced my French continually - getting it wrong on the day - Sorry Anne-Lise and Fred. So we are on the beach and at the cry of "Oo A le Mariet"

Then Anne-Lise arrived with Dad and a parade of Thai dancers - fabulous.

Words were shared with families and friends...

sand was poured and rings exchanged.

Fabulous, every step of the day, enjoy the rest of the night.

Congratulations Anne-Lise and Fred

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