Saturday, January 8, 2011

Marina and Vjeko

Marina and Vjeko were our guests from Croatia and Phuket was certainly a different place than where they chose to get engaged - Antartica!

Marina and Vjeko chose to escape their home and get married here and have the party when they returned home.

Vjeko and I shared a beer before we started and when we were waiting our nerves were settled - until we realized how many people were watching us! I had no camera but Vjeko took photographs of everybody watching us waiting for Marina.

Marina arrived with an elephant and amid claps from the ever increasing audience.  We shared some vows and Marina and Vjeko shared some of their personal words in their own language - it was a beautiful experience and thank you for sharing this special moment with us.

Following more kisses and clapping photographs were taken and the sunset came - dinner was served on their balcony and the happiness was clear to see.

Congratulations Marina and Vjeko.

more photographs
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