Saturday, December 5, 2015

Smitha and Vimal

Smitha and Vimal had previously had a Hindu wedding ceremony in Singapore - if you are interested in this please visit Instagram and type 


The day started early with the ladies getting ready and Vimal had a beer on the beach...

Well there certainly was a lot of colour on the beach and at Panwa House today.

I personally loved the petals of flowers that made a carpet for the bridesmaids to walk along.

Well we waited and... the boys arrived by a long tailed boat - a fabulous entry - a great idea.

Then is it was the time for the brides maids, alter boys and the rings to come... lovely.
Then came Smitha - the guests threw the flowers on her when she arrived - it was wonderful to be so close.

Words were spoken and then promises were shared.

It was a genuinely lovely afternoon.

More words were share and people were happy - then they partied the rest of the night...

photo courtesy of Instagram

Congratulations Smitha and Vimal.

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