Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jojo and Alex

As the time came dad started to relax a little and Alex was very hot waiting for it all to kick off.  The music started .......... and stopped ........ cries of " sack the DJ " were heard as the song was changed.

The flower girl walked with a little usher - who did a runner as he approached the red carpet - and came to me as I waited with Alex. As the music reached a peak Jojo breezed in with the snapping of cameras being abundant.  Words were spoken and readings were read - the atmosphere was heavenly.

As the blessing came to an end butterflies were released into the air and the husband was told that he could kiss his bride xxxxxxxxxxx

Jojo and Alex walked along the red carpet and were showered with flowers - beautiful - and they were taken to the beach where an elephant met them.  After the photographs were taken the guests had a private dinner at Panwa House with fireworks and danced until the early morning.


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