Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yolanda and Roger

Yolanda and Roger - wonderful and the story of how they met...

Here's to you Noel.

Congratulations Yolanda and Roger.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Shelly and Huw - Dreams do come True

What was I saying?
Where do I start to explain Shelly and Huw’s wedding?

The best way would be at the beginning when I met them and heard all about the details that they were going to have in their wedding – what fun and their guests did not know half of it!

Their guests told to be ready on the beach at the specific time – and they were – and they waited… 

Huw and the boys turned up on a Long-Tailed fishing boat (with a beer each) – much to the hilarity of their guests – which became more amusing when they did not know what would happen if one of the boys fell out of the boat!!!

(Un?)Fortunately nobody did fall out and the boys arrived safely after cruising around for 10 minutes in the sea.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Shelly and the girls were almost ready – they witnessed Huw’s arrival...

The doors of Panwa House were opened and Shelly and her entourage of girls, Dad and a baby escorted her to the wedding.

The words of the blessing and how Shelly met Huw was one of the highlights for me.

The guests all laughed and cried – champagne was poured and wishes were exchanged.  A feast was then served under the coconut trees and more wishes and blessings were exchanged.

Dreams do come true.

Congratulations Shelly and Huw.

All photographs are courtesy of Phuket Pro.
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Emma and Ian

What a wonderful group of people.

The devotion and love that one could feel amongst them was heart rendering - then you talked to Ian and the love from him to Emma was not quantifiable. It was a pleasure to be with them.

Amidst the rain and the worry that was there did not detract from their special day.  Emma and Ian shined - they did not need the sun.

When I asked their friends to put down their umbrellas at the beginning of the ceremony - they all did and the rain stopped - lovely. Okay mum had a little paddle with me but it was all in good spirit. 

There was Thai dancing along the beach with the bride, a ceremony in the sand, an elephant which met them both and then dinner at Panwa House.

Congratulations Emma and Ian

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