Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Natalie and Simon

The excitement was clearly evident  - from the staff as well!

Natalie and Simon had it all organized (well mum and dad did helped an awful amount).

The afternoon started with the boys in their kilts - much amusement from the staff at this one arriving on the beach with their beers.  The rest of the party arrived and we were ready to begin.

We got the call from Krittaya that Natalie was ready to walk the length of the beach with her father and her bridesmaids - a beautiful picture. The guest stood back and all watched Natalie walk by.

Dad walked up the aisle on the beach and 'gave Natalie away' whilst Simon waited patiently.

Vows were spoken, rings put on fingers and kisses exchanged. Sighs of relieve were shared and the party retired to Panwa House, opened a bottle and cut the cake. Cocktails were served and then there was a Thai traditional dance show.

A Thai dinner was then served to them all on the ground balcony of Panwa House.  The night was still so the spirit balloons could be lit and let go from the beach.

As the balloons drifted away Natalie and Simon returned to Panwa House where they shared the first dance....

Then it was time for Happy Hour at The Lighthouse.

Congratulations Natalie and Simon

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