Thursday, July 14, 2011

Daranporn and Arlid

What a wonderful occasion and we all knew the lady who was getting married because she had worked at Cape Panwa Hotel previously.

The afternoon started with bright sunshine and everyone being ready for the ceremony with a glass of wine whilst we waited for the bride and her party.

They had another drink whilst we waited for the bride to arrive.  

Daranporn's bridesmaids arrived followed by a carefully dressed Daranporn.

Words were shared and blessings made.

Musicians played a favourite track - kisses were shared and smiles were abundant...

Flowers were thrown and the cake was cut.

Photographs were taken and then food was served - as dinner drew to a close 'spirit ballons' were lit and the first dance was shared at Panwa House.

Congratulations Daranporn and Arlid

more photographs