Saturday, February 25, 2012

Charly and Michael

photographs courtesy of Klinic Kong in Phuket - phone no. 076 - 250 082
I met Charly and Michael when they arrived first at Cape Panwa Hotel - the rest of the group was following.

Everything was organised and Charly and Michael had a very clear view of what they wanted us to do for them - it looked like fun!

The day got closer and Charly and Michael could do less and less BUT they had done so much already - the gifts and decorations clearly showed that they had put a lot of thought into their special day. Words and kisses were shared.

It certainly was special - even the elephant wanted to kiss Michael!

Congratulations Charly and Michael

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Jodie and Dean (Pt.2)

all photographs on this post with permission - Phuket Photographer
What a day!! - happiness began when we found somewhere who could replace Jodie's acrylic nails...  Then it continued.... Hair was done, dresses were worn and cravats were worn.

Jodie and Dean said their vows to one another and their rings were exchanged. 

A kiss was exchanged for each other.

Congratulations Jodie and Dean

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jodie and Dean (Pt.1)

Jodies and Dean's special holiday has started and it looks like a lot of fun.

They took a day out and visited Raya Island and that meant the lotions were out and the swimmers were put on and the sun was out...  

After the swimming lunch was taken by all the ladies and look at how they got to lunch....

Then after dinner at the Cafe there was the night out at Simons Cabaret Show!!!!

Looking at the photographs which are not here I think that some of the boys (with their pink sashes) weren't quite sure whether they should be wearing a pink sash... but where are their photographs?

AND Jodie chose which dress she was NOT going to wear....

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