Saturday, January 24, 2015

Susan and Javier

The weather was changing all the time so we crossed our fingers - and it was lovely.

We discussed the words to be shared and discussed how it would be presented - Words were read by a member of their family. 

We were ready to go and as the groups organised themselves the bride arrived quietly at the back of Panwa House.

The party continued at the front...

The flower girl was happily with the bride whilst we waited for others to arrive. Dad was ready...

The doors opened and the bridesmaid walked out, I don't recall where the flower girl was now but it was peaceful and mum walked out on the beach first

 - Susan followed with her father...

Readings were done by a brother and a motherSmall jokes were made - for Susan and Javier - this was what made it their special day.

We all moved to sign the paper.

We then moved back to Panwa House to open the bottle, cut the cake and then have some more photographs taken.

Congratulations Susan and Javier.

more wedding photographs on Instagram #capepanwawedding

Monday, January 5, 2015

Niloufar and Rolla

This was a special day - from the laughter that began from the moment they arrived to the laughter that was shared throughout the afternoon.

The day started with the hair and everything else was then set.

So I had a beer with the Groom and his Best Man.

The entrance was made - lovely - was going to be timed to a song but it didn't... sorry.

Here are the promises (with the other usual ones of course).

There were the tears and the embraces and the smiles and the laughter - lovely.

Drinks were shared and photographs taken....

Congratulations Niloufar and Rola.

here are Instagram pics #capepanwawedding

Had a friend take a video - watch it on youtube

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Lu Yang and Jang Ray

Lu Yang and Jang Ray had a wedding which was the calmest that I had been involved in for a while!

The Bride and Groom were relaxed and the mood was very serene.

The script was something which was also simple.

They exchange their rings, kissed each other and then walked along the beach with each other.

Congratulations Lu Yang and Jang Ray.