Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Takayuki + Kie

Takayuki + Kie were a couple who had come to us from Japan.

Takayuki had a beer before it all began.

The boys were told to get ready.

The setting was ready.

An elephant arrives and then Takayuki arrived on an elephant... 

It was clearly not expected.

Kie arrived soon after...

Words were shared and kisses given.

Then they went for a short walk.

It was then time to cut the cake.

Congratulations Takayuki + Kie.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Emma and James

The special day began with a beer with the groom at The Bamboo Bar.

Then we waited on the beach...

After I saw cool idea (see above) here is a list of things which I find a good idea.

Then Emma and her entourage left Panwa House to music the I now cannot recall 
- it was lovely

Words were spoken, smiles shared, tears dabbed and laughs enjoyed.

Then it was time to walk away to more music - flowers and cheers from their families and friends...

Then the bridesmaids needed to cool their feet.

Then it was time to sign the paperwork.

Congratulations Emma and James.

(Instagram #capepanwawedding)