Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Apps and your Wedding

What started off as quite simple and writing about Apps for the Traveller is becoming bigger everyday - I thought that the idea of 'Skyping' a wedding was going to be my goal and then I am sent this link for Wedding Apps.

I might have a go at some... 
watch this space...


  1. It is very nice information to share about the apps and your wedding. The shares app of wedding app and apps for the Traveller will be useful for the users.

  2. Thank you Kennady - I am very sorry but I have been in Australia ( so I am very behind - here is a link to the App for the Traveller - I am also looking at relevant Apps for the visitor to Thailand (

  3. Replies
    1. Well everyone should have chocolate favours somewhere in their wedding - when I got married we had two wedding cakes - a traditional one for those who needed a traditional cake and chocolate for those who like chocolate - me!

      Fairy cakes are popular at the moment!

  4. Thank you - sharing happiness is a very real pleasure

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