Monday, October 22, 2012

Joshua and Amy (The Stag Night)

The ladies were all issued with T.Shirts - correctly marked with their names - so they don't forget their names and go back to the wrong room?

The bar crawl from Cape Panwa Hotel started at Uncle John's Bar and Coffee Shop (no coffee was drunk though) and the group slowly made their way up to the peak of the hill.

More drinks were taken there at the new bar and then the hill down was carefully followed. 

At the bottom the group stopped off at Russell's Sunset Bar where they had a few more.

After this stop they followed the road to the 'Little Place' where they seemed to relax a little.

The group then chose to release some Spirit balloons from the promenade at Laem Panwa 
- beautiful - thanks Russell.

The group all returned to the Sunset Bar - looking a little worse for wear and a little bit scary -

Now Amy is at the Cape Spa and Joshua wants some thongs...

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