Monday, September 2, 2013

Ae and Darren

This was a Traditional Thai Wedding so I was not as intimately involved as usual!

This meant that when Darren needed his cigarettes I could find them for it - see I was still important! Then it was time to decide how I was going to record this special event? I tried a video - mainly because I wanted to capture Varoons cry for the last days of freedom (that's what the boys told me! - the girls told me that it meant something else) but I digress.

So the team go off with the family to pick up Darren - wonderful atmosphere.

On returning with Darren it was clear that the chaos was not really chaos and Darren knew that I knew what was going on but had decided to to explain too much.

Darren had his shoes polished and passed through the gates (obviously giving tips as he went) and then was off to find Ae - Assaree never really helps but it is always fun watching the Groom being misled!

The ceremony with the monks passed simply and peacefully - in fact their little boy chose to sleep all the way through!

Coffee was given to the monks - blessings were shared within the families and drinks were poured. Next is a dinner at Panwa House...

Congratulations Ae and Darren

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