Saturday, March 22, 2014

Robin and Malin

This was a Wedding Ceremony that I conducted at Kantary Bay Khao Lak, so not Phuket but it was only a couple of hours away.

This was a quiet ceremony with only 15 people invited. I was early onto the beach and I was a little worried that I would pronounce their names wrong but nothing an espresso couldn't handle.

I waited on the picturesque beach for the bride and dad to arrive and found that 4 guests had not arrived yet... who was going to arrive first?

The audience was ready first and Robin and his best men breathed a sigh of relief - whilst gripping the rings tightly.

Malin arrived with dad in the golf buggy - words were shared and stories told, rings exchanged and then kisses given.

The beach was lovely but then the sunset was idyllic - the sun was crimson and was perfectly circular - beautiful.

Robin and Malin went for a walk along the beach and has to smile - it was lovely.

They took photographs whilst playing by the water's edge.

 Robin and Malin then returned to their friends to have dinner specially set on the sand.

Congratulations Robin and Malin

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