Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Christine and Stephen

This was a wedding which followed quickly from Kellie and Michael - the day before. 

The location was going to be on the sand but there was going to be more.

Every wedding is different and with Christine (the bride arrived) with a baby elephant and Thai dancers...

The guests took a plethora of photographs as Christine arrived with the entourage and then - words were shared and promises made.

Afte this 'renewal of vows' Christine and Stephen invited everyone to bless them in the Thai Traditional Way - the pouring of water on the hands and the making of a blessing.

BUT this was not the end of the day - there was dinner at Panwa House, more Thai Dancing.

My favourite 'person' -'but I have forgotten his name' - was there.

There was also the 'spirit balloons' which were let go off by the couples and wishes made for the future and thoughts given to the past.

Lovely - 
Congratulations Christine and Stephen

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  1. Congrats Christine and Stephen!! I love your Wedding venues sea side locations, I think you had searched allot to find out this beautiful place.