Saturday, January 2, 2016

Holly and Samuel

It was certainly a special day - the fun actually started a couple of days previous when Holly and Samuel agreed to give me a little bit of space to say a few things...

A song was sung by a friend.

The wedding party were all ready on the beach whilst we waited - so one of them brought over a tray of beers - a nice move...

I got the nod that Holly was ready so we were swiftly prepared.

Holly approached slowly and we waited patiently.

Words were spoken. Mum came up to say a few words. Then a friend said a few words.

Then there was some singing from the New Zealand family.

Some words were spoken from Samuel to Holly and then Holly to Samuel - lovely.

Then the bridesmaid took the flowers from Holly and then gave them to her partner... Where the bouquet of flowers fell apart and collapsed into pieces onto the sand and Holly burst out laughing and then so did everybody else... Not sure how he felt but I am glad that I was not involved.

After that everything seemed to be funny. Happiness comes to us easily and from the strangest things.

Paper was signed and witnessed.

Petals were thrown and the smiling continued.

Congratulations Holly and Samuel
(photo from Instagram - #phuketwedding)

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