Sunday, March 26, 2017

Jo and Yvonne

Jo and Yvonne told me that that they were going to have a very quiet wedding and it all got very busy and then everyone was coming. 

We were setting up when the families began to arrive.

Then Yvonne arrived out the back - where was Jo?

He came quickly afterwards. Then the entertainment began.

Yvonne arrived with her father. I added some words for the families which could not speak English -  but it was met with smiles and obvious giggle where I got it wrong. Promises and rings were exchanged followed by a few kisses - the photographer kept asking for more!

Papers were signed.

Flower petals were thrown.

Jo and Yvonne left the beach and walked to Panwa House where they went upstairs and 'popped' a bottle. Jo resisting the temptation to give the bottle a shake!

Jo and Yvonne came down the stairs where they cut the cake 
- happily Yvonne did not cut Jo!

More photographs were taken and then the party began.

Congratulations Yvonne and Jo.

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