Saturday, November 24, 2012

Whitney and Adam

images courtesy of Clinic Kong

The day started with Adam and the boys escaping to go Go-Karting and Shooting, Whitney had her pampering session and hair done.

As the time got closer the guests got more questioning - where was Adam...

Whitney was having fun in her room with the girls and getting dressed but Adam?

Adam and the boys were on the jetty waiting for a local fisherman to bring them to the ceremony, Adam did nearly fall in but Dad was going to give him his clothes if he got wet...

Whitney arrived with an elephant!(no that is Dad)

Dad brought Whitney along the beach - with a number of guests watching....

Adam smile was infections and Whitney smiled back - wonderful.

Whitney and Adam had their blessing amid laughter and smiles - the love that they shared was mirrored in the smiles and the tears of their guests.

Lovely to be a part of - thank you for choosing us.

Congratulations Adam and Whitney.

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