Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lisa and Josh

Lisa was taken by her friends and preparations were made - Josh was somewhere with the boys.

As we prepared ourselves on the beach we watched the Panwa House become resplendent in decorations. We were ready and were told that Lisa was on the way so I told everybody to be move to their chairs for Lisa's arrival.

And arrive she did - but first the bridesmaids arrived and were greeted by their loved ones or petals were scattered. Then Lisa arrived with Peter, Peter dutifully gave Lisa's hand to Josh - then the rings were passed around whilst blessings were made, after this words were shared and promises made.

Lisa and Josh were man and wife - and the elephant arrived (thanks boys).

Hands were shaken and kisses shared - a lovely group.

Pavinee whisked Lisa and Josh away to the Jetty.

Where more kisses were shared.

Congratulations Lisa and Josh.

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